Editor, The Messenger,

Responding to John Keifer's Jan. 24 letter:

Let's talk about "high crimes and misdemeanors" in relation to "reason and bribery". President Trump first attempted to bribe Volodymyr Zelensky with a personal invitation to meet in the Oval Office, in effect, offering public demonstration of U.S. respect and support for Ukraine. You might admonish my term of "bribery" because the offer carried no explicit monetary value, granted. But when this bribe did not result in V. Zelensky delivering the announcement of Ukrainian investigation into Burisma Holdings, P. Trump changed tactic. Trump then, in effect, stole U.S. taxpayers $$ that congress appropriated for Ukrainian military aid (theft in office) by withholding it (GAO states illegally), thus turning his attempted bribery into extortion, using money that did not belong to P. Trump.

Don't you agree that theft in office, attempted bribery, plus attempted extortion equal high crimes? These are sufficient charges for impeachment, even without going into P. Trump's potentially treasonous diversion of congressionally mandated funds away from the defense of a European nation in Nato that has been invaded by Russia.

Claudia Gay


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