Editor, The Messenger,

In view of the numerous “Swank” signs sprouting on the lawns of the Far Eastside and the flood of supportive letters in today’s “Athens News”, I am moved to raise a timid voice in support of our long-time representative Chris Fahl. My main interaction with the two candidates was several years ago when the residential integrity of (“lower”) Charles Street between Jacobs and East State was under attack from multi-family high-rise R-2 entrepreneur Kevin Gillespie. One of his strong supporters was Alan Swank, who lives in the protected R-1 zone north of Jacobs (aka “NIMBY”).

I am sure that his supporters are sincere in their belief that he will fulfill all the promising outcomes they anticipate; I can only base my judgment on what I have seen in action.

That experience persuades me to vote for Chris Fahl to continue to represent the East Side (Near and Far) with integrity and concern. She may not be a “flood-the-neighborhood-with-yard-signs” self-promoter, but she gets the job done.

Barry Thomas


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