Editor, The Messenger:

I write to enthusiastically endorse Zach Saunders as the next Probate-Juvenile Court judge in Athens County. Zach joined our firm in 2013 and he and I worked closely on cases for two years. I immediately found Zach to be intelligent and a person who takes a calm, deliberate approach to problem solving. He was a hard worker; working to give our clients the best representation.

Zach and I made a number of out of county road trips together. There is nothing like spending a few hours in a car to really get to know someone. Zach and Meg had a new-born son, Lane, and I learned a lot about Zach’s hopes and dreams for his family. He and Meg are wonderful parents with high expectations for themselves and their children.

I have practiced in many counties in Ohio the past forty-six years. I know the success of any court requires a judge who is a team player; one who will put together a staff like the one we have been blessed with for so many years. Zach Saunders is that person. Zach will be fair, firm, and compassionate. Join me in voting for Zach Saunders as the next Probate-Juvenile Court judge.

James D. Sillery

The Plains

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