Editor, The Messenger:

We really do need the bus line to go through Nelsonville and Albany. We should have eight runs the whole day, which be 8 round trips. It would help so many people in these two towns.

It is so difficult families are being torn apart because of transportation issues. It would be really good to have a bus to transport specifically for Albany and Nelsonville. It’s a desperate need. It would help so many people who do not drive to get around when they need to.

It would be a great relief for those people and they would be able to get jobs in Athens so much easier because transportation will not be a issue. For Albany and Nelsonville the cost should be $2. It’s fair.

I believe city buses should also have debit and credit card readers to pay for rides and to purchase tickets. It would be such a good thing. People would not have to have so much assistances with their caseworkers.

It will help our community out so much.

Bethany Lemley


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