Editor, The Messenger:

The Messenger’s Sept. 1 article titled, “A strong sense of community,” about the new Nelsonville-York City Schools Supt. Rick Edwards, confirmed what I’ve experienced working with Nelsonville schools over the last few years.

As a volunteer who returns to my hometown to participate in various community projects, I have found the Nelsonville teachers, students and administrators to be ready and willing to help. Whether it is music, art, woodworking, academics or athletics; staff and students are welcoming, creative, knowledgeable and focused on the request at hand.

They don’t ask “what’s in it for me,” but rather how can they be of service.

Teacher, staff, administrator and student participation in the Parade of the Hills was a perfect example. Teamed with the school band, a float they made that was as professional as any I have seen, combined with ice cold, school-color water bottles distributed with lots of smiles on the parade route, matches their enthusiasm on other projects.

Best wishes to Mr. McClelland on his retirement and to Mr. Edwards and the school district for continued success.

Mary K. Walsh


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