Editor, The Messenger:

I remember “Ted” Sprague, M.D., well, with his father John R., M.D., in practice at the corner of Washington Street and across from the Court House. John R., Ted and brother Bill, M.B., delivered eight members of the Josten family, both at their home and at Sheltering Arms Hospital.

Ted took an Air Force flight with me to a two-week National Security Seminar at Denver, Colorado in August 1959. We were also attached to the Navy Composite Unit (Reserve Unit), held monthly at Carnegie Hall at Ohio University, where Ted was an active member and gave us free medical advice.

Ted’s mother and my mother attended St. Paul’s church together each Sunday.

As a county veterans officer for 18 1/2 years in the courthouse, Ted (and most all of the doctors in Athens County) were helpful to me in my work. Ted was happy when I obtained his medals and ribbons due to him for his duty as a naval surgeon in World War II. Later he posted them on his office wall on Columbus Road. His wife sent me a nice thank you letter, as I had visited Ted at the nursing home before he passed.

C.J. Josten


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