Editor, The Messenger;

Do you remember the chant “Hands up, don’t shoot?” It was memorialized in Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee as QB of the San Francisco 49’ers. The problem was his choice of atrocity since it proved to be a false narrative given the decedent was Michael Brown, whose death was later proven to be justified by Holder's DOJ. Colin’s choice of the Michael Brown incident proved to be so divisive as a trigger for change.

Not so in the case of George Floyd. His death was a heinous act of cruel indifference to human life. How can these officers ever begin to explain their actions? Was this a deplorable case of group-think where each officer literally relinquished his will to his fellow officers? Was the charged officer the alpha dog to whom the other officers blindly surrendered authority?

The NFL could not object to players taking a knee in the case of George Floyd! There is nothing in this story to cause division! The country is of like mind in his case and justice for George Floyd will be welcomed across racial lines!

John Keifer


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