Editor, The Messenger:

It’s frightening to hear that the current administration has decided to make our air dirtier by abandoning the nation’s Clean Power Plan. This decision shows blatant disregard for our environment and for the public health of not only the American people, but for every person on this planet. For thousands of families, this will mean more illnesses, some of them life-threatening.

Replacing the Clean Power Plan would expose millions of Americans to more carbon pollution and other dangerous pollutants from power plants and further increase the United States’ contribution to global climate change.

It will mean more climate pollution that contributes to the severity of hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Maria. The United States I grew up in was a world leader and we made so many strides against air pollution. Now we are retreating in the fight against climate change, even as recent hurricanes are a reminder that we can’t go backwards. Congress is even talking about cutting funding to the Environmental Protection Agency when its funding is at its lowest levels in 40 years.

The decision to abandon the Clean Power Plan and to cut funding to the EPA will mean our air will be dirtier, our health will be worse and our future will be even more uncertain. We need these protections and safeguards to protect us from the dangers of carbon pollution that lead climate change, dangerous living conditions and increasingly more severe hurricanes.

Maddie Kramer


Defend Our Future

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