Editor, The Messenger:

The election is fast approaching on November 3. Our Athens County Board of Elections is working hard to prepare. The League of Women Voters of Athens County (LWVAC) urges individuals to prepare too.

1. Register to Vote.

Visit the Ohio Voting website www.VoteOhio.gov to register online or print the registration form. You can get a paper form at the Board of Elections lobby, most local libraries, or by contacting LWVAC (AthensLeagueofWomenVoters@gmail.com, 740-590-4102).

2. Verify your Registration Information.

Visit the Ohio Voting website to check your registration information. If any information is incorrect, update your registration.

3. Make a Plan to Vote.

Do you plan to vote by mail, vote early in person or vote on election day?

If you want to vote by mail, you need to request an absentee ballot before the election. You can print an Absentee Ballot Request form at the Ohio Voting website. Paper forms can be picked up from the Board of Elections lobby or contact LWVAC. With this year’s pandemic uncertainties, we recommend submitting your request early.

Early in person voting is scheduled for the four weeks before the election. Check the Ohio Voting website or call the Board of Elections (740-592-3201) to verify the hours and location.

Election day is November 3, 2020. If you plan to vote in person on election day, double check your polling location now (and closer to the election). You can do that online or call the Board of Elections.

4. Consider being a Poll Worker.

Some of the regular poll workers will not be available this year, due to the pandemic. So new poll workers are needed. You can register at the Ohio Voting website or call the Board of Elections.

If we all take these steps now, it will help the election process run smoother and safer.

Adriane Mohlenkamp & Helen King

Co-Presidents, League of Women Voters of Athens County

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