Editor, The Messenger:

Joe Burrow Field ... Don’t you think that has a nice ring to it? I think it would be quite a tribute to a guy who has brought Southeastern Ohio so much ... and honor the most prestigious player ever to don an Athens uniform.

I know I am not the one who could cause this headline to become a reality, and I really don’t know who can, but I’d guess either the superintendent or a member of the Athens School Board could get the ball rolling. If you think Joe deserves this headline, please contact the above mentioned people and urge them to take action.

We already have Ed Rannow Field and Charles McAfee Gymnasium. No dollars were involved in the baseball and basketball facilities, so hopefully “Joe Burrow Field” could happen without any dollars being required.

Here in Chauncey, we honor our football legend Hubie Bobo with a street being named for him. Makes me think that 7961 Joe Burrow Drive has a nicer ring to it than 7961 Floyd Drive. Maybe someone in The Plains could look into that possibility.

In wrapping this up, let’s show Joe how proud of him we are. He has represented us in the best possible manner. Thanks Joe!

Bob Finnearty


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