Editor, The Messenger:

One of my favorite places was the “Silver Diner” on Court Street. My family and I enjoyed walking from St. Paul’s church, or my parents’ church, First United Methodist, every Sunday for breakfast. That has ended.

I had to write as the The Messenger’s article about the transition to Hangover Easy glossed over the absolutely offensive nature of the menu item names. This is no place to enjoy breakfast after church.

I understand that middle-aged Catholic Moms are not the focus of marketing efforts here, but I can tell you I am too embarrassed to bring anyone I know to Hangover Easy.

Athens is a college town and by encouraging this raunchy element we undermine our very survival. Ohio University is struggling to keep up admissions and anything that detracts from making our town a positive experience impacts the bottom line.

I consulted with my Army Ranger and veteran husband while writing this letter. In the course of his career, he has encountered plenty of rough and rude. He is in agreement with me however that menu items such as “sloppy seconds” cross the line from fun into offensive.

Today is a sad day because I lament the loss of a fine family restaurant, Court Street Diner.

Kira Burns


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