Editor, The Messenger;

Of course we’re all dreading the nasty virus, and we’re all concerned about our country’s economy. Now it seems that we are doing a lot more shopping online and many are learning to buy online. But wait. It strikes me that when this is over we will need to forget some of that.

The danger for our economy is if we forget to return to our local stores. They are struggling to stay in business and ride this out. We are too often thinking of convenience and saving money, and a habit of buying online could finish off our local shops. These businesses are run by our neighbors, the money they pay their employees and themselves stays in our local area. The insurance they usually get from a local business and they likely bank right here in our city or town. And what good will it do to save a little money while your neighbor is drowning in debt and has to close up shop? And what convenience takes the place of our neighbors job? What will our local economy look like with more closed doors and no local stores?

I am not a person who loves to shop but when I need something I want to see it, feel the fabric, pick among real items, and talk to a sales person who knows his/her products and guarantees them.

So please remember the government can’t keep our economy going very long, only we can bring it back by supporting our local businesses.

Greta Hanesworth


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