Editor, The Messenger:

I have been a supporter of Planned Parenthood for 65 years.


In 1954, 65 years ago, I went to a Planned Parenthood clinic for contraception education and supplies on the eve of my marriage. My husband and I were both students and wanted to avoid pregnancy.

We were successful, and our first (and wanted) child was born in 1959.

Planned Parenthood is about planning. Abortion is, thankfully, now a safe and legal option for those whose "planning" failed.

Christine Flowers' screed in the Wednesday, July 24 edition of The Messenger is disgusting. (Editor's note: Flowers' column from the Philadelphia Daily News was published through a wire service.) Unlike NARAL, Planned Parenthood provides much, much more for women and families than just abortion services.

Its true mission is reflected in its name: Planned Parenthood.

I'm a happy mother of three, and grandmother of four.

Lois Whealey


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