Editor, The Messenger:

Money is great to give to a GoFundMe page but unless you have a lot to give, your time, commitment, and effort are more important.

When was the last time you went to help at a soup kitchen or offered to help clean up a park? What has happened to the sense of community and feeling the need to give back to your community?

The first issue that comes to mind is that, in order to sustain in today’s economy, most families require dual income. Also, most jobs have become corporate jobs instead of family run, community businesses. These jobs don’t allow for the flexibility of stepping out momentarily to help the community when needed.

The fire service is an example of a volunteer organization that is in desperate need around the country, particularly in rural areas. Over 70 percent of fire departments are volunteer. The volunteer fire service is almost in crisis mode. The lack of volunteers is going to soon cause an even bigger problem. Townships and cities are going to be forced to start paid departments to ensure adequate fire coverage. Where is this money going to come from?

Look around at your community and see where there is the greatest need. Are there homeless veterans that may need to have a home cooked meal or a place to get warm? Most non-profit organizations would love to have extra hands. When the next opportunity comes up to provide service to your community, are you going to be the one to volunteer?

Ashley Fitch


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