Editor, The Messenger:

I have been reading a little about “white nationalism,” and a question came to me that I wish someone could answer: what was the skin color of Jesus’ skin?

I suspect at least one-third of Americans would list themselves as “Christian” on a questionnaire about their religious faith, whether they are practicing Christians or not.

Most portraits by Christian painters make Jesus Christ a handsome, young white man. Was he?

The answer is: we don’t know. Most natives of the mid-east are not lily white.

Let’s respect persons of color. None of us got to choose our own skin color. The white nationalists didn’t choose their skin color, it was God-given.

I choose a friend, a doctor, a dentist or an attorney for his or her skills and kindness. So forget color — God gave it, we didn’t get to choose.

Ben Edwards

The Plains

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