Editor, The Messenger,

Three years ago, I joined the ONE Campaign because I believe where you live shouldn’t determine if you live. Over that time, we’ve seen major progress on eradicating extreme poverty and improving global health. Then COVID-19 hit.

The novel coronavirus has adversely impacted every country on the planet, particularly the world’s poorest. The fastest way to end this pandemic, protect the historic gains we have made on global health and reopen the global economy is to ensure we have a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine that is available to the most vulnerable, regardless of where they live.

In today’s interconnected world, controlling the spread of the virus is crucial. The faster we target at-risk populations globally, the easier it will be to control the virus both here and abroad. That’s why the U.S. must help ensure that the most vulnerable people — from frontline workers to the immunocompromised — have priority access to the vaccine, at home and abroad.

We’re all in this fight together. And Senator Portman can champion a globally accessible vaccine by supporting $20 billion in global COVID-19 response funding, which will be used to support proven global health programs and help defeat this global pandemic everywhere.

Tara Jordan


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