Editor, The Messenger:

As a former longtime resident of Glouster, and a person who has many friends and family who reside in Trimble Twp., I am writing to express my disappointment with the delay in the home expedient foreclosure process.

While I appreciate the county auditor’s concern of protecting the owners of the property, I must ask, “who is protecting the interests of the residents who are abiding by the rules and paying their property taxes and maintaining their properties?”

It is not often that state/federal funding becomes available to fully cover the cost of the demolition of dilapidated homes and buildings in rural Appalachia.

Residents of Trimble Twp. are generous and dedicated to their community and consistently give of their time and money to keep the township afloat. There isn’t a weekend that goes by that one struggling group or another is raising funds to sustain their program.

A few years back, a group of volunteers worked together and painted many homes in Glouster to improve the town’s appearance. Most recently, the efforts to demolish and rebuilt our stadium has been a huge focus, and the improvement to those facilities are astounding. However, the energy of the volunteers and of this poor community can only be stretched so far and to lose the land bank assistance is demoralizing.

Property owners who are maintaining their homes appropriately should not have to live next to a burnt-out, run-down empty building that has a tree growing through the front porch.

County officials have an opportunity to provide needed support to this community by figuring out the best method of continuing this very beneficial program before the funding dries up. I encourage all members of the Land Bank Committee to work together and work expeditiously on this important issue.

Beverley Wyatt


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