Editor, The Messenger:

It was amazing to see a young man from The Plains lead his team to a SEC Championship and an undefeated season.

It was amazing to see him break so many records during that special season.

It was amazing to see him perform on college football’s biggest stage and lead his team to the national championship.

It was amazing to see him win the Heisman Trophy and be recognized as the very best football player in the country.

It was amazing to see him accept that award on national TV.

It was amazing to see him use the platform of his acceptance speech to create an awareness of the problem of food insecurity in the area in which he grew up.

It was amazing to see that over $500,000 was raised to attack this problem as a result of his speech.

It would be most amazing to see this money that was raised used in a manner that would combat the food insecurity issue on a broad scale throughout our region.

Obviously, this money was pledged to support the Athens Food Pantry, but the problem of food insecurity exits in Athens county and southeast Ohio in general. There are numerous food pantries throughout the region that seeks to address this issue. Our food pantry, which is housed at the Bishopville Church of Christ, primarily serves the people of Trimble Township. Trimble Township is the least affluent township in one of the least affluent counties in our state. Our pantry serves an average of 150 households representing a total of 407 people per month. It is staffed entirely by volunteer from the community and our local churches.

Our financial support depends 100 percent on donations from private individuals and our local churches. We also partner with area food suppliers to utilize food that would otherwise be wasted. It is our hope that the board of the Athens Food Pantry would take into consideration the needs of other pantries when deciding how best to administer this significant and totally unanticipated influx of funding.

We are all fighting the same problem and are sure any of the local food pantries would appreciate any benefit that they might receive as a result of this most generous outpouring of support.

Our volunteers have orchestrated the above statements so I’m signing them in behalf of all of the volunteers and churches who support the Bishopville Food Pantry.

Monna Taylor

Bishopville Food Pantry Director

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