Editor, The Messenger,

Ah the memories...

I’m sitting in my car, under my favorite shade tree in McArthur – I go there every day to get away for away for a while, read the paper and do the crossword. I pickup the Messenger (7-17-20) and there’s a picture of the First Presbyterian Church with thousands of dollars of steel scaffolding surround the steeple.

Around 1980 or ‘81, my partner Steve Brown and I were awarded a contract to repair slate and metal work on the church. We replaced around 600 slate, and if I remember correctly, replaced the four valleys with stainless steel, and the four ridge caps likewise.

For scaffolding, we built platforms of 2 x 6’s and plywood across the ridge, set regular ladders on them and repaired a facet of the steeple. We tore it down, put in on another ridge and repeated.

The ridge caps of stainless were made on the second floor of the old McArthur Supply Co. Frank Crow let us use an old metal break up there.

Steve moved to Providence, RI in 1982 and then later to Columbus, where he worked for Durable Slate Co. I continued to work in Athens and Athens County until I retired in 1996.

Emmett Joy

Vinton County

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