Editor, The Messenger,

Yesterday a friend told me she wasn’t going to get the COVID-19 vaccine because she didn’t think it was safe, that they had come out with it too fast for it to be safe. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t imagine why this otherwise bright young mother would risk the lives of her children out of fear that the vaccine that the FDA has been working nonstop to produce for the public in as safe and reliable a way as it can, would not be safe.

I understand why one would not trust our government in these times. I do. But the way out of this COVID tunnel is not a political route. It’s a scientific route. And the scientists have done their job. We must trust them. For ourselves, for our children, and for our grandparents.

I’m old enough to remember the tragedy of the outbreak of polio in the 1950s. I had family friends whose bodies were horribly deformed by polio. I remember well lining up in my grade school cafeteria to receive the very painful polio vaccinations. But, we never again had to worry about the deformities and death caused be that cruel disease.

These times, like those times, are fearful times. I can understand my friend’s lack of trust in the FDA. But her children’s lives, her life, her loved one’s lives, all our lives, depend on everyone vaccinating themselves so that we can once again be free to get on with our lives!

Aileen Hall

The Plains

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