Editor, The Messenger,

In response to my recent letter to the editor titled “Snuffy Smith needs to go,” Mr. Larry Baringer responded by saying: … “leave Snuffy Smith the hell alone!” He further suggested: “If you don’t like the strip or it offends you, simply skip over it.” Reasoning tells me that if that logic is good as applied to me, then that good logic should also apply to you—you, Mr. Baringer. You were likewise free to skip over my Letter to the Editor.

It’s nothing personal, Mr Baringer, it’s just that I have made it my mission to expose unfairness and disrespect wherever I hear or see it. I realize that it is not the easiest thing to do, sitting back and accepting whatever is said or printed is much easier. But standing up and being heard about issues that matter is something I feel I must do to help my country grow into a better place— a nation with respect and equal justice for all. I have learned that the more I or anyone else does that disrupts systems that have unfairly operated for a long time, the more times I or they will hear from those who do not understand the bigger issue.

In the case of Snuffy, the bigger issue is this: just as blackface comedy is a mean and unfair representation of the Black race; Snuffy is a mean and unfair representation of Appalachian peoples.

Incidentally, Mr. Barringer, I am encouraged by the many messages and calls I received from local readers who agreed with my letter.

Luman Slade

The Plains

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