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The news is full of stories about the current nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. Important, but don’t forget most cases don’t reach the Supreme Court. More Ohioans will have their legal issues decided in local courts. So, I’m writing to share why I support my former colleague Stacy Brooks for election as Judge for the Fourth District Court of Appeals.

Stacy is qualified: intelligent and well educated. Stacy has been licensed to practice law in Ohio since 2006. Before studying law at Vermont Law School, Stacy earned a B.S. degree from Xavier University and a master’s degree from the College of Charleston, S.C. (environmental studies). As a law student and Dean’s Fellow, she taught legal writing and clerked at the Vermont Attorney General’s office. Stacy also is admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

I met Stacy when she and I worked at Southeastern Ohio Legal Services. Bright and energetic, she engaged easily with clients and colleagues. She worked hard as an advocate for those in our community who lack basic resources. At SEOLS, Stacy was an officer for NOLSW-UAW 2320, the local union representing SEOLS’ wall-to-wall bargaining unit.

Stacy has also worked in private practice. As a solo attorney, she has the experience of a small business owner who knows what it is to make payroll. Currently, she is with the firm of Seif & McNamee, practices family law and is Solicitor for the Village of Beaver. The scope of her experience has taken her across the counties served by the Fourth District Court of Appeals.

Besides the intellect, education, and experience that qualify her, Stacy has the temperament to serve the public as an appeals court judge. She has a solid reputation for diligence and integrity. She has proven herself to be a good listener with an open mind who will work hard for the public.

The Court of Appeals in Ohio is the only court where you have an appeal as a matter of right. The qualities she would bring to the bench prove that Stacy Brooks is someone you would want to hear these cases. Please join me to give her your vote!

Anne Rubin


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