Editor, The Messenger,

Who hasn’t seen the image of three children of differing height and equalized in height by standing on different height boxes so each can be able to look over a fence to watch a ballgame. The image is meant to illustrate the meaning of the word “equity,” a new term for affirmative action.

The word equity has no presence in our US Constitution. Yet, Democrats articulate the word as if it has a place in our political lexicon. Why? Democrats are still trying to keep black communities blind to the impact of the Great Society policies on their family structure decimating it. Democrats know their political fortunes lie with the Black voter And that is why they continually distract from the truth with these changes to our political lexicon. It’s also why they have opened our borders to illegal immigrants as a hedge to the black community waking up to how they were put at such a disadvantage with such terrible policies. Those policies destroyed the culture of the black family and the hope of the nation and the black community is their awakening to that reality.

My hope is that the heightened interest in market solutions demonstrated by the recent increased by Black voters in their voting for Trump in 2020 signals an awakening to the duplicitous policies of Democrats and how their policies in the 1960’s destroyed their family structure. Who knows.

John Keifer


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