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The United States is one of the few countries in the world that selects political party candidates through the primary election system rather than relying on party leaders to choose their candidates for general elections. By voting in the primary, citizens employ their hard-won right to select the person they believe best represents a political party’s philosophy or point-of-view.

Ohio practices a form of the open primary system. Voters in Ohio do not have to pre-register with a political party. Instead, on the day of the primary election, voters simply go to the polling place and request the ballot of the party in whose primary they wish to vote. This act of voting in a party primary declares your party affiliation.

Voting in primaries in Ohio is easy. Vote in the primary to help choose who will later appear on the general ballot. It is a right and an opportunity that most of the world’s voters do not possess.

To vote in the primary you must be registered to vote. You need to register to vote, or update your name and address, by end of the day Monday, April 4. You can register in person at Athens County Board of Elections, 15 South Court Street in Athens, or by going to the Secretary of State’s voting website www.VoteOhio.gov.

Get registered now, so you can choose our next leaders!

Adriane Mohlenkamp

Co-President, League of Women Voters of Athens County

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