“Is it cold enough for you?”

I answer with “yes” when the temperatures lingers between freezing and 65. That is my comfort range. In our part of the world, things get both hotter and colder, so my favorite is a kind of compromise.

Some people move around so they can have their comfort zone in different places. Noteworthy are the snowbirds who flee really cold periods by traveling south. That’s getting harder to do when weather is so unpredictable. Run from snow and encounter floods or hurricanes. I’m amused, but ashamed to admit it, when the south gets colder, wetter and more troublesome.

The opposite happens for people who enjoy snow and crisp air. They might have to find refuge in northern Canada. So much for trying to find your favorite weather when it gets crazier by the day. The moral is that going elsewhere does not guarantee better temperatures or comfort.

So just stay in Ohio. Variety is nice. Perhaps a few days of winter snow and ice is balanced in other seasons by hot sunshine. The change of clothing and outdoor activities also makes interesting contrasts. In addition to stay-cations we can have stay-winters and stay-summers.

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