If robots start maiming and killing humans it will not be their idea. Computers are slaves and do what they are told to do. They can do wonderful calculations but they do not have emotions. They can imitate human beings only if ordered to do so.

There is justifiable fear of errors by drones, algorithms, and internet messages, but all of it is done by human coders and tech directives. It is not the mechanisms we should fear, but the people who create them.

Bias is part of human nature. We see things a certain way without knowing it is specific to us, that it is not everybody’s truth. Human assumptions are built into research, diagnosis, and prognosis in medicine and social analysis. The same is true of coding and programming.

The problem lies in the durability of hard and software. Mistakes about human health result in death. Organic things transform, chemical processes take over, knowledge changes. Computers can be destroyed too but their software can be in the clouds, above the fate of animal life.

If the world is destroyed by robotic bombs, blame their programmers.

George Weckman

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