At-home learning

The education of millions of students around the world has been changed by the coronavirus pandemic. Students are now doing at-home learning. Parents are now teachers, while actual teachers are trying their best to educate from a distance.

Challenge, it seems, is at an all time high. Thankfully, for over-stressed parents and guardians, there are plenty of resources to help with at-home learning.

In an effort to help with furthering the education of Athens County students, every Wednesday the Messenger will run an at-home learning page, full of resources, suggestions from educators, and more.

Resources suggested are meant to be an additional teaching tool to the work provided by the local school systems. There are many hours in the day, these resources can help fill some of those at-home hours in an educational way.

Times are uncertain and most of us are trying to get through this pandemic the best we can. We here at the Messenger hope that this once a week page can help out local kids during this challenging time. We also encourage you to use the day to read the newspaper as a family. Share this page with your kids, we hope that you can use it as a teaching tool.

If you have any suggestions for this page, or specific educational topics you’d like to see explored, please email

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