Maggie Van Nostran

Maggie Van Nostran is seen at the 2018 fair. She recently participated in several events at the Ohio State Fair.

Some of Athens County’s brightest 4-H’ers took their talents to Columbus to compete in the Ohio State Fair.

The Messenger combed through state fair results as provided on the fair’s website.

It should be noted that some results are not yet posted (such as the horse show). Also, while most results can be filtered by location, other categories do not list participants’ hometowns at all.

There may be 4-H’ers (or other local competitors such as photographers, bakers, etc.) not included below. Those are welcome to email us details at to be included in a future edition of The Messenger. Photos are welcome.

Ryleigh Jordan — Get Started in Art, Junior, Outstanding

Emmy Beck-Aden — Senior Individual 4-H Infomercial, Trophy; Dog Drill Team, 7th; Dog Rally Intermediate B, 3rd; Dog Rally Intermediate B, 7th; You and Your Dog Senior, 2nd; Dog Petpals B, Gold; Dog Rally Intermediate B, 6th; Graduate Novice A, 7th; Rally Intermediate B, 6th; Star Spangled Foods Senior, Outstanding; Health and Safety Speaking Senior, Trophy; Leadership Self-Determined, Trophy

Ellie-Kate Beck-Aden — Dog Drill Team, 7th; Dog Freestyle Singles, 7th; Dog Rally Novice B, 9th; Dog Showmanship Junior B, 2nd; You and Your Dog Junior, 3rd; Dog Petpals B, Gold; Junior Dog Poster Contest, 12th

Maggie Van Nostran — Companion Animal, All About Dogs 8-10 Years Old, Honorable Mention; Yearling Ewe, 3rd

Caden Cline — Dog Drill Team, 7th; Trick Dog Novice

Saige Matheny — Dog Drill Team, 7th

Olivia Myles — Clothing Sew Fun Junior, Outstanding

Leah Swatzel — Fast Break for Breakfast Junior, Outstanding

Mason Pennington — Rockets Away (Solid-Fuel Rockets), Outstanding

Ben Smith — Self Determination, Outstanding

Briley Ashcraft — Junior Weather Goats, Class 8, Medium Weight, 3rd; Junior Wether Goats, Class 10, Medium Weight, 1st; Outstanding Market Boer Goat Exhibitor, 1st

Eden Scali — Junior Horse Barrels, 3rd; Junior Keyhole Horse, 10th; Junior Stakes Race Horse, 8th

Hannah Schulz — Hunter Under Saddle Grand Championship, 8th; Hunter Under Saddle, 17-18 Years Old, 2nd

Hayden Myers — Western Horsemanship, 15 Years Old, 10th

Paisley Russell — Dark Crossbred Barrow, Class 56, 2nd; Dark Crossbred Barrow, Class 63, 2nd; Dark Crossbred Barrow, Class 65, 1st; Division 3 Grand and Reserve Dark, 2nd

Brandis Bickey — Gilts, 1st; Third, Fourth and Fifth (Swine Show), 1st; Gilts, 1st; Reserve Grand Champion Gilt

Darian Knapp — Award of Excellence, Third Place (Youth Arts)

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