Hopewell Health Centers recently hosted an art contest for children ages 5-17 with themes of “Feelings” and “Safety.” Here are the winners of that contest:

Best of Show — Evelyn Ripple

Federal Hocking

Grades 4-5

Feelings — 1st, Maddie Hines; 2nd, Juniper Ballew; 3rd, Adelaide Bashaw

Safety — 1st, Sophia Carlson; 2nd, Harmony Dotson; 3rd, Bella Mitchell

Grades 6-9

Feelings — 1st, Evelyn Ripple; 2nd, Maggi Ballew; 3rd, Gwenyth Carr

Safety — 1st, Ava Tolson


Feelings — 1st, Lilian Paris


Feelings — 1st, Stella Rose Pyle

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