Editor’s Note: William Morosko is a 9th grade student at Athens High School with an aptitude in writing movie and music review. He has also directed and written short films that have appeared on Athens Community TV. The Messenger has agreed to publish occasional reviews from William as a new blog series. You can find other reviews from William on The Messenger’s website.

Movie: Nothing to Lose

Genre: Action comedy

Rating: R

Run time: 1 hours 38 minutes

The chemistry was good between the leads, but I think “Nothing to Lose” needed a little work screenplay-wise. “Nothing to Lose” is directed by Steve Oedekerk and stars Tim Robbins and Martin Lawrence most known for the “Bad Boys” trilogy.

I feel like this movie needed more exposition/character development because it gets straight to the plot and the audience has no knowledge of who these people are. Aside from that, the movie is formulaic for a buddy comedy but I think this makes the movie more enjoyable, also the chemistry is good between the leads and it’s really funny. But overall, the positives that this movie has isn’t enough to distract from the flawed screenplay.

Do I recommend it? I think regular audiences could like this movie for its comedy, but compared to other buddy comedies, I think it is forgettable.

Rating: 4/10

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