Hilarie Burhans, co-owner of Restaurant Salaam, is pictured in her Athens eatery. Salaam has donated around 150 pounds of food to Athens Food Rescue since 2016.

For three years, Restaurant Salaam has helped Athens Food Rescue carry out its mission of fighting hunger by reducing food waste. For this generosity, Athens Food Rescue has named Salaam its Donor Spotlight of the month.

“Salaam started donating back in 2016,” said Athens Food Rescue’s Teresa Curtiss. “We’ve picked up about 150 pounds of food from them.”

“They have also donated food directly to local charities after they’ve called us to see who might want the food,” Curtiss added.

In addition, Salaam has donated refrigerated bags that AFR volunteers use to transport food to various Athens area nonprofit organizations.

“They have been very supportive to our cause,” said Curtiss.

“At Salaam, we often have stuff that is still perfectly good and delicious but doesn’t fit into our plans for some reason,” said restaurant co-owner Hilarie Burhans. “I always used to feel guilty wasting perfectly good food. Now it’s no longer wasted, and we’re so happy it can be used.”

Athens Food Rescue simultaneously fights food insecurity and diverts food from landfills. For more information, visit the group’s website at

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