Southeast Ohio History Center

From left, Bev Jeffers – Our House Tavern; Jerry Davis – Gallipolis Railroad Freight Station Museum; Debbie Saunders – Bossard Library; Cheryl Enhart – Gallia County Historical Society; Jake Bapst – University of Rio Grande Archives; Larry Miller and Byrna Butler – Ohio Valley Bank; Lora Lynn Snow – Ariel Opera House; Rich Thomas – Ohio Tattoo Museum; Rachel Harper – French Art Colony; Tom O’Grady – Southeast Ohio History Center

The Southeast Ohio History Center held its annual meeting in Gallipolis on Saturday, June 5 at the French Art Colony. In addition to electing new members of its Board of Directors the History Center took the opportunity to recognize some organizations in Gallia County that are doing important work regarding the protection and preservation of heritage resources.

The Southeast Ohio History Center believes that next to the people of Southeast Ohio, its greatest assets for economic improvement are its natural and cultural heritage.

“It is gratifying to see so much effort being made in Gallia County to preserve the buildings, and stories, and sites that make up the important history of the region and of the state of Ohio” Tom O’Grady of the Southeast Ohio History Center said.

Groups and organizations recognized at the event were Our House Tavern Museum, Ariel Opera House, Gallia County Historical Society, John Gee Black History Center, Gallipolis Railroad Freight Station Museum, University of Rio Grande Madog Center for Welsh Studies, Gallia County Genealogical Society, Emancipation Proclamation Day Celebration, Ohio Tattoo Museum, French Art Colony, Bossard Memorial Library, University of Rio Grande Archives, and the Ohio Valley Bank.

Attendees at the History Center’s Annual Meeting were hosted for tours of the Our House Tavern, French Art Colony, Ariel Opera House and the Ohio Valley Bank.

The Southeast Ohio History Center is working with other historical societies, heritage groups, businesses and individuals to create a larger voice for historic preservation in this region where Ohio began.

“Southeast Ohio history is American history, and in many cases, world history” O’Grady said.

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