From the Thursday, June 5, 1890 edition of The Athens Messenger.

- The Athens Messenger warned residents of the county to avoid soliciting the services of itinerant dentists for oral surgery, citing an apparent recent spate of botched tooth pullings. The Athens Messenger advised instead of having your teeth pulled by a stranger, those with tooth aches should see a local dentist.

- Dover Township voted overwhelmingly by a vote of 189 to 27 in favor of establishing the township as a "dry" township. "With so strong a temperance sentiment pervading the people, there is little hope for the establishment of a saloon in that township for a long time.

-In 1890, the roads in Athens County were evidently not very good. A column in The Athens Messenger deplores the quality of the thoroughfares, and called for a "road Moses" to come forth and right the poor condition of Athens County Road infrastructure.

From the Saturday, June 5, 1920 edition of The Athens Messenger.

- Glouster learned they would be getting free mail service beginning in July of 1920. The paper informed residents they should buy mailboxes and house numbers. 

- Men near Pomeroy were charged and fined for fishing using dynamite to fish. They were fined a total of $326.10 and paid for about $.50 of fish.

- Smallpox was reported in the Baileys Run (Chauncey and Millfield) area. The first case of smallpox was apparently brought by a miner from Sciotoville. The article states miners were vaccinated for the disease by the health commissioners.

From a Thursday, June 5, 1958 edition of The Athens Messenger

- The Athens Messenger reported that an Athens County woman filed for unemployment after working only one day — on an election as a precinct official — and received it. The Board of Elections considered suing the woman.

- Bids began for the construction of the Athens municipal parking garage, located today on W. Washington Street. Officials at the time estimated a $1 million price tag for the project.

- The professor with the longest tenure at Ohio University retired, The Athens Messenger reported. William Fenzel, a teacher and administrator, retired from the business school after 50 years at the institution. 

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