From the Friday, Sept. 1, 1916 edition of The Athens Daily Messenger.

– Five girls that fled from the Athens County Children’s Home were returned with two being found at the home of a former institution employee and the others found in Glouster.

– President Woodrow Wilson signed the child labor bill, thus outlawing child labor across the country.

– The threat of a railroad strike has Nelsonville residents concerned as miners would have their jobs impacted if the railways halt.

From the Wednesday, Sept. 2, 1931 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– Athens resident Flora Burson, operator of the Burson Hotel, had her information submitted by a friend to a marriage service that matched her with murderer Harry F. Powers from Clarksburg. An alias, C.O. Pierson was used but the description matched Powers.

– Various City of Nelsonville municipal departments are being examined by the Examiner Booth of the State Bureau of Supervision of Public Office. Offices to be audited include the mayor’s office, auditor, treasurer, solicitor and Board of Health and Public Service.

– 176 students sign up to be educated at the Albany Consolidated District with more expected to register in the coming days.

From the Thursday, Aug. 31, 1972 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– Former Ohio University student charged with two drug charges after a third is dropped in Athens County Municipal Court. They were found in possession of heroin for sale.

– Ernest Stover, of Trimble, had theft charges dismissed after stealing gasoline from the Engle Construction Company. Gary Drake, of Glouster, had his charges of aiding and abetting dropped as well.

– Athens attorney William A. Lavelle was elected to the executive committee of the Democratic National Committee and will represent the Midwest Region on the committee.

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