From the Tuesday, July 22, 1913 edition of The Athens Daily Messenger.

– Ed McNeal, of Nelsonville, was sentenced to a road chain gang in order to pay off the $65 dollar fine for bootlegging in the city. He will be paid $1.50 per day and will pay the fine off in 44 days of labor.

– A new Episcopalian church will be built by Reverend Wilder from the Church of the Good Shepherd at the corner of State and Carpenter. A basement level will be included in the renovation of the existing cottage.

– Wright Brothers associate, Oscar A. Brinley of Athens County, finalizes a contract to perform aerial flights over the Athens County Fair later that summer. The brothers were no longer doing demonstrations at that point and had other pilots in their ranks for such events.

From the Tuesday, July 21, 1942 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– A drive as part of a statewide initiative to collect phonograph records for use by soldiers comes to Nelsonville. American Legion Post 229 held the drive and the music is to be sent to those fighting to keep spirits high.

– The Office of Price Administration of Athens County, a rationing program designed to help war efforts, underwent a reorganization with Leonard Prater, former rationing manager for the county, named as director. Three new rationing board based out of the city of Athens, Nelsonville, and Coolville were also created.

– The Ben Greet Players, consisting of Henry Joyner and Daisy Vivian, were set to perform at the final convocation for the summer term at Ohio University. A streamlined version of Shakespeares “The Merchant of Venice” was performed.

From the Sunday, July 23, 1967 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– Labor leader Charles Ennis is named as the new director of the Community Action Program for Athens, Perry, and Hocking counties. He succeeded Martin Sharett who resigned several months previous.

– A fire on Columbia Avenue in the city of Athens destroyed the home of the Wood family, causing $8,000 worth of damage. All five members of the family escaped the blaze. The cause of the fire was not able to be determined at the time.

– A total of 675 Athens County residents engaged in local baseball leagues during that summer with players of all ages and genders playing America’s pasttime.

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