From the Friday, Sept. 7, 1917 edition of The Athens Daily Messenger.

– Ralph A. Dalton, a 38 year old life-long Athens citizen, announced his candidacy for mayor.

– Thor Olson, of Athens, and Al Haft, of Columbus, engaged in a wrestling match at the Opera House on Thursday night. The match ended with Haft getting disqualified for unmanly, unsportsmanlike and grossly unfair tactics.

– Strikes at mines in Murray City, Circle Hill and Hocking ended as miners returned to work after successful wage negotiations.

From the Thursday, Sept. 8, 1932 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– The Plains miner Clarence Loper reported 35 shots fired near his home close to 9:40 p.m Tuesday night. Later that night, close to midnight, a dynamite explosion occurred in the front yard of the Chauncey home of Wesley Walburn, superintendent of Chauncey-Dover schools.

– Author Hal Wells’ visits the home of his parents in Athens and has plans to meet with publishers while on the east side of the country. His works were featured in various magazines.

– Oldest Amesville resident Elizabeth Crawford, recalls her expeeriences living through the Civil War at 19, as her husband went off to fight. She was left with two young daughters. The family even visited her husband while he was at a camp near Zanesville.

From the Wednesday, Sept. 5, 1973 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– Talks between teachers at Federal Hocking and school board members regarding contracts fell apart. Teachers began a strike on Monday with classes set to begin Tuesday.

– A building freeze on Richland Avenue has been upheld by Athens City Council and extended for six months. With a widening project in the works, the ban is okayed to keep the congested street manageable.

– Elmer Knott was freed by the Southeast Ohio EMS after a two car accident caused him to become trapped in his vehicle. The EMS was close by in the area as they were on scene at the Od Settlers Reunion in Jacksonville.

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