From the Wednesday, Aug. 6, 1913 edition of The Athens Daily Messenger.

– A horse owned by Ed Hoard was struck deaf following a lightning storm in Amesville. Another two horses owned by a Mr. Beastly near Bartlott were also struck deaf with one being unable to move faster than a walk.

– The Canaanville Concert Band performed at an ice cream social held at El Carpenter farm. Jack Anderson, a cornet player, took a tumble during the performance but played it off like a true professional.

– John P. Tedrow, of Nelsonville, was found guilty of cruelty to animals after allowing a monkey that was tied to a platform to be thrown for the entertainment of a crowd of miners. He chose to serve as his own attorney and lost his case, costing him $100 in fines and court costs.

From the Thursday, Aug. 2, 1934 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– Abolsihment of the Meigs County Re-Employment Office was announced as the possibility of office expenses no longer being paid for through county funds to the chagrin of the local American Legion. Other organizations were expected to take over functions of the office.

– Columbus policeman James C. Eden, formerly of Nelsonville, was arrested for the murder of his wife. He confessed to the slaying after his arrest.

– Chauncey’s softball team pulled out two wins, defeating Sugar Creek 9-7 in the first game and 7-5 in the second.

From the Thursday, Aug. 4, 1966 edition of The Athens Messenger.

– 50 demonstrators picketed in front of the Athens State Hospital in opposition to disciplinary actions that were taken against their union president, Benjamin Fortney. It remained peaceful.

– Patrolman Wayne C. Vessel was temporarily reassigned to the patrol’s new tactical squad in Columbus. They will be monitoring areas in southern Ohio with high accident frequency.

– A new fire chief’s car, a Plymouth sedan, was gifted to the fire department and will go into service once lettered and equipped with a radio.

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