Athens Food Rescue

Tom Quinn, right, and Greg Travers, left. Quinn makes a pick-up at Ohio University’s Nelson Market, where Travers works.

For almost a year now Tom Quinn has been working to feed hungry people in Athens County. And he’s been doing it during a pandemic.

“Even in these difficult times with the Coronavirus he has continued to volunteer,” said Athens Food Rescue Executive Director Teresa Curtiss. “His efforts have helped us to continue our mission.”

Quinn has been named Volunteer of the Month by AFR.

“To date he has picked up 870 pounds of food and delivered it to local charities,” Curtiss said. “We greatly appreciate all of his time and effort.”

Quinn and other AFR volunteers pick up donated food and take it to local organizations which help people in need. The service simultaneously reduces food waste.

“I’ve had the opportunity to pick up generous donations from Kindred Market and Ohio University’s Nelson Market and deliver them to caring communities such as The Gathering Place and the Nelsonville Food Cupboard,” said Quinn. “It’s a real feel-good experience for all: those who donate, those who receive and those who deliver.”

Quinn explains that he has a “nothing goes to waste” mentality and “a strong feeling that no one should go hungry, particularly while living in the wealthiest country on the globe.” These combine to make his involvement with Athens Food Rescue “a natural fit.”

Anyone wanting more information about volunteering and donating should go to AFR’s website —

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