The following Trimble High School students were honored during the annual classroom awards ceremony on May 20:

Mrs. Craig- English 9- Excellence in English Language Arts (All A’s all year)- Riley Campbell, Blake Guffey, Ashlynn Hardy, Laikyn Imler, Sophia Ives, Alison McCoy, Jacob McCoy, Emma Orsborne, Jayne Six, Livia Smith, Joshua Conner Wooten; English 10-Excellence in English Language Arts (All A’s all year)- Caitlyn Byers, Jayanna Smith; Outstanding Performance in Yearbook- Jaelyn Sayers, Krislyn Moore, Peyton Spencer; Excellence in Computer Literacy- Jalynn Eberts, Madyson Murphy, Kelsey Nelson, Leora Coffman, Emily Young.

Mr. Ball- Top 5 11th Grade Averages- Connor Lenigar, Cameron Lowery, Kendrick Moody, Madyson Murphy, Brooke Moore; Top 5 12th Grade Averages- Dillon Banik, Cameron Kittle, Jaelyn Sayers, Ryan Richmond, Sam Ives; Excellent Work Ethic- Madison Neal, Gracie Hankinson, Allory Mercer, Landon Wisor, Steven Williamson, Conner Wright, Kenlynn Dixon, Peyton Spencer, Zachary Bragg; Outstanding Attitude- Jayva Smith, Kaitlyn McCall, Kelsey Nelson, Ethan Ward, Jacob Shust, Jack Nagucki, Garrison Bush, Sawyer Koons.

Foreign Language- Miss Walker — Spanish I, Highest Average- Jayne Six, Jalynn Eberts; Spanish II, Highest Average- Riley Wright, Jayanna Smith; Spanish III, Highest Average- Dillon Banik, Aundrea Waldeck, Brayden Weber, Ryan Richmond; Ray of Sunshine Award- Riley Wright, Preston Evener, Jaelyn Sayers, Eric Everett, Sophia Ives, Emma Orsborne, Brooke Moore, Mason Mecum, Madyson Murphy, Zachary Bragg, Garrison Bush, Sophia Schwarzenberg, Adelynn Stevens; Random Acts of Kindness Club Award- Kathy Buckner, Jalynn Eberts, Shelbi Bartlett, Katie Buchanan, Lindsey Lowery, Aundrea Waldeck, Cheyenne Williams, Peyton Spencer, Livia Smith, Madyson Murphy, Allison Harden.

Math- Ms. Sams-Super Star- Silas Andrews, Austin Wisor, Tim Haines, Jayanna Smith, Riley Wright, Tommy Clark, Allison Harden; Excellent Attendance- Shelbi Bartlett, Tyler Weber, Lindsey Lowery, Caitlyn Byers, Caleb Funk, Cameron Lowery, Danuel Persinger, Jayanna Smith, Landon Wisor, Riley Wright, Garrison Bush, Jacob Shust; Most Improved- Alexis Maffin, Christian Minerd; Extraordinary Effort- Jayanna Smith.

Industrial Technology — Mr. Cuckler- Woodworking- 1st period- Autumn Frank, Derek Lowry, Alison McCoy, Jacob McCoy, Camille McLaughlin, Alycia Nichols, Noah Rossiter, Braxton Shutts, Tyler Weber, Austin Wisor, Joshua Wooten; Woodworking- 2nd period- Chase Brooks, Trey Christy, Bryce Downs, Ethan Fullerton, Allyson Kennard, Zoie Kennedy, Tabor Lackey, Lindsey Lowery, Ian Spencer, Brandon Turley, Chase Phillips, Clayton Sayre; Woodworking- 7th period- Silas Andrews, Cody Braglin, Leora Coffman, Tiffany Cremeans, Kylee Dixon, Rebekah Dyla, Alexa Fouts, Connor Huston, Kiley Moody; Adv. Woodworking-4th period- Taya Lackey, Jonathan Downs; Energy & Power-1st period- Derek Lowery; Energy & Power- 2nd period- Tucker Dixon, Douglas Hale, Dottie Hogsett, Zoie Kennedy, Lindsey Lowery, Chase Phillips, Clayton Sayre, Brandon Turley; Energy & Power- 7th period- Silas Andrews, Cody Braglin, Tiffany Cremeans, Alexa Fouts, Neal Parsons, Tanner Yuska; Small Engines- 4th period- Austyn Barrett, Todd Fouts; Small Engines- 6th period- Hunter Everett, Skyler Fellers, Zach Hogsett, Kenzie Morris, Doug Watt; Manufacturing- 5th period- Aidan Bunt, Zach Guffey, Jeffrey Hammon, Sawyer Koons, Jaclyn Mesaros, Christian Minerd, Jacob Shutts, Janessa Smith, Memphis Ward, Doug Watt, Brayden Weber, Landon Wisor, Tanner Yuska; Construction- 5th period- Doug Watt, Zach Guffey, Brayden Weber, Landon Wisor.

Health/PE- Mr. Campbell- Outstanding Effort in Health- Blake Guffey, Connor Lenigar, Conner Wooten, Caitlyn Byers, Tim Haines, Sabrina Brooks, Zoie Kennedy, Lane Merrill, Silas Andrews, Alexa Fouts, Andrea Hogsett, Vanessa Losey, Kirsten Knott, Julia Jordan, Madaline Yuska; Outstanding Effort in Physical Education- Cameron McClellan, Lane Merrill, Hunter Everett, Tim Haines, Emma Orsborne, Ellie Kovach, Emily Young, Silas Andrews, Clayton Bartlett, Rebekah Dyla, William Freeborn, Alexa Fouts, Braxton Shutts, Alex Coffman, Bryce Downs, Clarence Jones, Cameron Lowery, Braxton Mitchell, Tucker Dixon, Ian Spencer, Austin Wisor, Chase Byers, Allisyn Kennard, Sophia Schwarzenberg, Adelynn Stevens, Jeremiah Brown, Todd Fouts, Blake Guffey, Don Holbert, Danuel Persinger, Preston Evener, Ethan Fullerton, Andrew Monroe, Kylee Dixon, Derek Monroe, Noah Rossiter, Evan Holdcroft-Scott, Jeremiah Everett, Riley Campbell, Laikyn Imler, Connor Lenigar, Jacob McCoy, Jayne Six, Alycia Nichols, Devon Hammond, Conner Huston, Isaiah Jones, Tabor Lackey, Brandon Turley, Tyler Weber, Montrayel Christy.

Science- Mr. Gifford -Physical Science- Student of the Year- Riley Campbell; Egg Drop Winners: Most Creative Design- Adelynn Stevens, Zoie Kennedy, Lexi Fouts; Longest Hang Time- Tiffany Cremeans, Tyler Weber, Kylee Dixon, Natalie Simons; Fastest to the Bottom- Cody Braglin, Connor Wooten, Jacob McCoy; Most Efficient Vehicle- Leora Coffman, Doug Hale, Ellie Kovach; William Edward Hickson Award “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”- Kenlynn Dixon, Zach Bragg; Chemistry Awards- Student of the Year-Dillon Banik; Bromine Award- Brooke Moore, Ian Joyce; Hydrogen Award- Landon Wisor, Jacob Shust; Chlorine Award- Madyson Murphy, Peyton Spencer; Nitrogen Award- Zayne Moore, Brayden Weber; Noble Gas Award- Kyle Kennedy, Cameron Kittle, Conner Wright, Kendrick Moody; Physics Award- Ryan Richmond, Sam Ives; 2019 Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT)- Alison McCoy, Silas Andrews, Neal Parsons, Alycia Nichols.

Mr. Riffle- Crime Scene Forensics Students of the Year- Caitlyn Byers, Danuel Persinger, Tyanna Reed, Ryan Richmond, Jayanna Smith; Anatomy Students of the Year- Caleb Bryant, Macinsey Cooper, Eric Everett, Sam Ives, Zoie Lanning, Cameron Lowery, Haily McKee, Jackie Mesaros, Allory Mercer, Krislyn Moore, Jaelyn Sayers, Aundrea Waldeck, Laura York; Biology Students of the Year- Caitlyn Byers, Caleb Funk, Connor Huston, Connor Lenigar, Lane Merrill, Jayanna Smith, Cheyenne Williams, Riley Wright, Madaline Yuska; Environmental Science Students of the Year- Kenzie Morris, Noah Rossiter, Jayva Smith; Field & Stream Students of the Year- Jackie Mesaros, Tyanna Reed, Ryan Richmond, Ethan Ward; Special Awards- Most Improved- Austin Maffin, Alexis Maffin, Christian Minerd, Christian Carter; Best Water Filter- Kenzie Morris, Jayva Smith; Driven Award- Isaiah Jones, Sarah Watt, Todd Fouts, Gracie Hankinson, Don Holbert, Janessa Smith; Future Surgeons- Lane Merrill, Tim Haines; You Almost Beat Me- Preston Evener; Best Presentation- Ryan Richmond, Ethan Ward.

Social Studies- Mr. Reese- Geography- Outstanding Geography Students- “I can find Waldo award”- Bryce Bulstrom; Law- Future Prosecuting Attorney- “Potential graduate of Harvard Law” -Cameron Lowery, Best Use of the 5th Amendment- Zach Hogsett; Psychology- Best Demonstration of Psychological Temperament- Zach Bragg; Best Demonstration of Psychological Motivation- Ryan Richmond; Best Demonstration of Addictive/Defiant Behavior- McKale Losey; Best Demonstration of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder/Test Anxiety- Allory Mercer; Sociology- Sociogram Star- Jayva Smith ; Most Extroverted Social Behavior- Trey Young, Zach Bragg, Jayva Smith; Best Demonstration of Ideal Culture- Ryan Richmond, Brayden Weber; Best Demonstration of Co-Dependency- Haily McKee, Eric Everett; Government- Most Diplomatic- Doug Watt, Dillon Banik, Jacob Shust; Future President of the United States- Aeden Bailes, Mady Murphy, Conner Wright; Most Likely to Run for Political Office- Hunter Brooks, Peyton Spencer, Zach Guffey.

Mrs. Weekley- Perfect Attendance for School Year 2018-2019 ($50) 9th- Shelbi Bartlett, Nathan Berry, Jalynn Eberts, Alison McCoy, Tyler Weber; 10th- Skyler Fellers, Caitlyn Byers, Jayanna Smith; 11th- Zayne Moore, Brayden Weber; 12th- Makayla Hankinson; Seniors With Perfect Attendance and a 4-Year Bonus ($150)- Haily McKee, Allory Mercer, Steven Williamson.

Mr. Curtis- Student of the Month- September- Max Hooper, October- Haily McKee, November- Riley Wright, January- Lane Merrill, February- Zoie Lanning, March- Macinsey Cooper & Krislyn Moore, May- Madyson Murphy; Tri-County Career Center Superintendent’s Awards- Samantha Troiano; National Technical Honor Society- Sarah Roberts; OHSAA Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award- Noah Rossiter, Macinsey Cooper; NFHS Award of Excellence- Krislyn Moore, Alex Coffman; OHSAA Courageous Student Award- Riley Wright; OHSAA Scholar Athlete Award- Sam Ives, Taya Lackey.

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