Beginning Monday, September 2, the Wayne National Forest will have a new forest supervisor.

On June 28, Acting Regional Forester Bob Lueckel announced the selection of Carrie Gilbert as the Wayne National Forest’s new forest supervisor.

“We look forward to having Carrie Gilbert lead the Wayne National Forest in collaboration with the many partners and stakeholders whose support and interests are vital to our ability to effectively manage the forest and serve the public,” Lueckel said. “Carrie’s experience and skillset will provide direction for the forest plan revision process and serve a key role on the Ohio Interagency Forestry Team.”

Gilbert currently serves as the Regional Environmental Coordinator for the Eastern Region in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She provides leadership and guidance to the Region’s Forests on environmental analysis and decision frameworks, primarily with the National Environmental Policy Act. Gilbert previously served as the Allegheny National Forest’s deputy forest supervisor and as acting deputy forest supervisor on the Mt. Hood National Forest.

“I look forward to working with local communities in southeast Ohio on forest plan revision and multiple use management of the Wayne National Forest,” states Gilbert. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog, gardening, and exploring local farmers’ markets and festivities.

Gilbert began her career in the Forest Service as a Forester on the Daniel Boone National Forest and a planning forester on the Superior National Forest. Prior to returning to the Forest Service, she led revision of the State Forest Resource Management Plan and coordinated Forest Stewardship Council certification as the planning section chief for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forest. She also served as a botany ecological specialist for the Bureau and provided direction on plant conservation on Pennsylvania’s 2.2 million acres of state forestland.

Gilbert holds a Master of Science in Forest Management and a bachelor’s in Forest Conservation, both from Pennsylvania State University.

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