The 2021 Little Miss Old Settlers Reunion has a loaded competition this year with 23 girls competing for top prize.

The Talent Show for the Little Miss contestants is scheduled to begin at 7:15 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 2. Their coronation will take place just before that of the Jr. Misses on Sunday, Sept. 5.

2021 Little Miss Old Settler Reunion contestants:

  • Layla Smith is in the third grade and she enjoys singing, dancing, twirling baton and softball.
  • Makyna Warren. She likes riding four wheelers, swimming and fishing.
  • Hope Joyce likes art and reading. Her favorite animal is a giraffe and she is a cheerleader at Nelsonville-York and is involved in Girl Scouts.
  • Ty Layton. She likes painting, cheering and being outdoors.
  • Lydia Decker enjoys sports, cooking and playing games.
  • Delaenee Miller is a competitive cheerleader and has been cheering for six years.
  • Isabella Ray. She enjoys arts and crafts, riding her bike and playing with her little brother.
  • Jemma Hill. Jemma is an all star cheerleader and a member of the young eagles club earning her student pilots license.
  • Megan Taylor. She plays basketball and enjoys camping and traveling.
  • Paige Blair. She enjoys baking, playing sports and twirling baton.
  • Ehzra Miller. She loves Barbie’s and is a flier for her competitive cheer squad.
  • Fiona Stone. She is more introverted and enjoys reading, playing with Legos and being artistic.
  • Willow Decker. She likes crafting, cooking and sports.
  • Lily Bentley. She loves to sing, read and twirl baton.
  • Christy Taylor. Christy is in kindergarten and enjoys camping, painting and meeting new people.
  • Regan Stone. Regan is an extroverted, first grade student that loves cheer, American Girl and fashion.
  • Jazlyn Strausbaugh. She likes riding dirt bike, taking selfies, swimming and playing dress up.
  • Susan Francis. She enjoys Irish Dance, swimming, t-ball and crafting.
  • Grace Roberts. She enjoys playing outside and playing with her brothers.
  • Abigail Hutchinson
  • Sarim Scott-Koon. Sarim likes to skate, color, fish and swim. She wants to be a masked singer when she grows up.
  • Jada Straugsbaugh. She enjoys swimming, camping, playing with slime and riding dirt bikes.
  • Sophie Robinette. She plays soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball and enjoys camping and family game night. 

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