Note: This story appears in the Tuesday, Dec. 4 newspaper on Page A3.

A Huber Heights man who claims he was assaulted by employees of an Athens bar has filed a lawsuit in Athens County Common Plea Court.

Matthew R. Thigpen filed the case last month against Crystaloon LLC, which operates The Crystal at 34 N. Court St.

The lawsuit also names an employee of The Crystal as a defendant, as well as a “John Doe” employee whose name is unknown to Thigpen. The case relates to an incident from last April.

Thigpen states in the lawsuit that he went to the bar to pick up some friends, but a bouncer would not let him inside. Thigpen alleges that the bouncer began assaulting him, “which was completely unprovoked.”

Thigpen alleges that the assault was so violent that he “was knocked off his feet, dislocated his patella (kneecap), and suffered numerous other severe bodily injuries.”

There is also an allegation that Thigpen was assaulted by the bouncer and/or the “John Doe” employee.

Thigpen was transported by ambulance to a hospital.

The lawsuit accuses Crystaloon LLC of failing to exercise reasonable care to train and supervise its bouncers or security personnel.

The lawsuit seeks in excess of $25,000.

Athens police were called to the scene of the incident.

According to a police report, the investigating officer reviewed statements from multiple people and “determined that an assault did not occur.”

“There was pushing involved, possibly by both parties, and Thigpen fell to the ground,” the report states. “When Thigpen fell, his knee was dislocated. There was no physical harm caused knowingly.”

The police report indicates that conflicting statements were received, with one person saying that he saw Thigpen pushed and slammed to the ground. An employee of The Crystal told police he saw “a guy” being pushed by the bouncer at the door and “the guy swung on the bouncer and the bouncer pushed him to create distance.”; Twitter @SteveRmessenger

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