Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

James and Betty Bolin, trustees, dwelling, 8293 Steinmeyer Road, New Marshfield, to Greg and Maria Dunfee, $45,000.

Harry Bound, dwelling, 1050 Carter Road, Shade, to Paul Bound, $74,700.

Jonathan Gose and Kimberly Dishong-Gose, dwelling, 712 Jackson St., Nelsonville, to Benjamin and Elizabeth Ramey, $69,000.

Benjamin and Elizabeth Ramey, dwelling, 712 Jackson St., Nelsonville, to Damien Young, $67,000.

Norma Tedrick, dwelling, 17 Sunset Lane, The Plains, to Ryan and Jennifer Bennett, $151,000.

Tony Blair, dwelling, Cemetery Street, Coolville, sheriff’s sale to Umbrella of Athens LLC, $44,201.

Azmi Mikhail, dwelling, 12529 Adeline Lane, Athens, to Eric Stinaff, $213,000.

Coltan Joyce, manufactured home, 18047 Jacksonville Road, Millfield, to Ellen Robinson, $10,000.

Directline Ministry Inc., land with building(s), 28940 Torch Road, Coolville, to Brian Cooper, $145,000.

JP Valeda Capital LLC, dwelling, 115 N. Congress St., Athens, to Robert Patrick, $206,217.

JP Valeda Capital LLC, dwelling, 7 Fort St., Athens, to Robert Patrick, $49,817.

Hazel Yeater, by guardian Michael Yeater, dwelling, 20055 Jefferson St., Stewart, to Gary and Danielle Gould, $47,000.

Charlotte Buchanan, land, Walnut Street, Trimble, to Clyde and Cathye Williams, $10,000.

Joseph Hosmer-Rodriguez and Gaylyn Hosmer, dwelling, 7558 Longmeadow Court, Athens, to Tammie and Milton Blair Jr., $210,000.

Heath McKnight et al, dwelling, 16825 Riverside Drive, Nelsonville, to Brett and Melissa McKnight, $84,000.

Christopher and Maureen Wagner, dwelling, 8 Arden Place, Athens, to James Dyer, $220,000.

Karen Smith and Ronald Stanley, 171.22 acres and building(s), Lee Twp., to Gary Stanley, $225,000.

John and Janis Schriner, dwelling, 6110 Melnor Drive, Athens, to Franklin Woitel and Amy Tegethoff, $190,000.

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