Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Saul and Nicole Phillips, land with building(s), 2 Hemlock Drive, Athens, to ABG Capital Inc., $425,000.

Jason and Traci Winchell, dwelling, 60 Blossom Lane, The Plains, to James and Laura Mansfield, $187,000.

Karen Moore, dwelling, 156 Morris Ave., Athens, to Tracy and David Schuster, $215,000.

Cathleen McDonald, dwelling, 53 Mulligan Road, Athens, to Traci Connor, $105,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, land with building(s), 52 May Ave., Chauncey, to Black Bear Holdings Ltd., $42,900.

Charles Faires and Holly Chain, dwelling, 11890 Red Brick Road, Glouster, to Barry Lowrey Jr., $165,000.

Julia Olbers, dwelling, 6 S. High St., Glouster, to Kristi Hewett, $25,000.

April Howard, dwelling, 902 Altamonte Drive, Athens, to Theresa Thompson, $140,000.

Catherine Coates and Timothy Selander, dwelling, 43 and 45 Columbus St. , Nelsonville, to Susan Huser, $117,000.

Walter and Glenna Baldridge, 2.01 acres, New Marshfield Road, New Marshfield, to series LLC of Delta T. Properties LLC, $70,000.

T.H. Lovdal Co. Ltd., property, Kimes Road, Athens, to Jackson and Traci Connor, $34,000.

Southeast Buckeye Properties LLC, property, 1408 Old State Road, Coolville, to Cynthia Davis, $153,500.

Eileen Saylor, dwelling, 8181 New Marshfield Road, New Marshfield, to Randy and Patricia Denny, $55,000.

Margaret Covella, land, High Street, Glouster, to Andrew Bycofski and Deena Webster, $2,500.

William Rushing and others, property, High Street, Glouster, to Andrew Bycofski and Deena Webster, $1,800.

Steven Sloan, successor trustee, land, 11567 Carbondale Road, Nelsonville, to Austin Good, $8,500.

James and Laura Mansfield, dwelling, 12700 Rich Lane, Athens, to Joshua Spindler, $223,500.

Leo and Marilyn Trimmer, 1 acre, Route 56, New Marshfield, to Bruce Chaney and Judy Cantrell, $500.

Joshua and Brittney VanBibber, dwelling, 881 Poplar St., Nelsonville, to Jeffrey and Wendy Kaaz, $105,000.

Secretary of HUD, dwelling, 8684 Old Route 78, Glouster, to Michael and Rhonda McFadden, $28,000.

Thomas and Kamie Dixon, dwelling, 10 Banbury Drive, Athens, to Timothy and Deeana Bruce, $269,900.

David McCoy, dwelling, 13 Jacobs Ave., Chauncey, to Curtis McClain and Ericka Danielson-McClain, $35,000.

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