Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

James Fuller, et al, dwelling, 101 Main Street, The Plains, to Quinn Fuller, $44,465.28.

Estate of Joseph Krupinski, dwelling, 28071 Cincinnati Ridge, Coolville, to Donna and Roger Bennett, $270,000.

Gerald Vermillion, land, .0537 acres, Athens Twp., to John and Janis Schriner, $2,560.

George and Brigitte Lovsey, dwelling, 3946 Ladd Ridge Road, Athens, to Brian and Kimberly Lovsey, $175,500.

Michael and Amy Grueser, dwelling, 13061 Rainbow Lake Road, Shade, to Angela and Joseph Brand, $300,000.

Tammie Kulesza, et al, land, 16311 S. Canaan Rd., to Jack Faston, $3,920.

Jesse and Robin Stock, dwelling, 13820 Strouds Run Road, Athens, to John Jenkinson and Malia Dalesandry, $252,000.

Charles Burner, land, Cottonwood Road, Trimble, to Dream Cloud LTD, $34.80

Carolyn Riley, dwelling, 100 St. Charles St., Nelsonville, to Alaina Bartel, $86,000.

Valerie Hart, et al, dwelling, 8 Ninth st., Coolville, to Union Home Mortage Corp, $46,667.

William and Jennifer L’Heureux, dwelling, 357 W. Washington St., Nelsonville, to Hyde Building LLC, $150,000.

Robin Haas and David White, dwelling, 182 N. Congress St., Athens, to Richard and Heather Dunlap, $102,000.

Patrick Mayles, land, 11.009 acres on Swett Hollow Rod, Millfield, to Jacob and Jesse Goettge, $30,000.

Jennings and Donna Nelson, dwelling, 23100 Jordan Run Rd., Coolville, to Kyle Grove, $70,000.

Jack and Debra Riley, dwelling, 67 Mill Street, Chauncey, to William Young, $8,000.

David and Janet Gustafson Trustees, dwelling, 431 Adena Drive, The Plains, to Ronald and Constance Carr, $285,000.

Amy Abercrombie, dwelling, 535 Poplar St., Nelsonville, to Ryan Amlin, $22,500.

Kenneth and Elsa Clever, dwelling, 4230 Pleasant Hill Road, Athens, to Garrett and Megan Brown, $150,000.

Thomas Boyle, dwelling, 11 Garfield Avenue, Kelly Shaw, $63,200.

Christopher Fox, dwelling, 371 W. Franklin St., Nelsonville, to Freedom Mortgage Corporation, $45,600.

Patricia and Christopher Clark, dwelling, 7641 Angel Ridge Rd., Athens, to May Bounnaud, $335,500.

Gary and Barbara Baldwin Trustees, dwelling, 27 Grand Park Blvd., Athens, to Barbara Stanley, $209,000.

Umbrella of Athens, dwelling, 6 Longview Heights Rd., Athens, to Patricia Clark and William Lavelle, $210,000.

Dion Weaver, dwelling, Vanderhoof Road, Coolville, to Charles and Nicola Mildern, $59,900.

Paulette Poches (Pauletta Barrera), dwelling, 7950 Floyd Dr., The Plains, to Shawn Sowers, $160,000.

Ned and Mary Jo Ashbaugh and Alicia and Andres Castro, dwelling, 11121 Vaughn Rd., Athens, to Mark Scott, $338,000.

Arlen and Anna Saunders, dwelling, 11250 Rosewood Lane, Athens, to Ned and Mary Jo Ashbaugh, $363,900.

Brion Withrow, dwelling, 635 Route 681, Albany, to Devin Hill, $282,000.

William and Connie Moodispaugh, dwelling, sec. 15 frac 6 BJ Lyons SD Lot 1; and sect 15 2.15 acres, Troy Township, to Arnold Spencer, $100,000.

Pamala Dillinger (Pamela Dillinger), manufactured home, 16167 Canaanville Hills Road, Athens, to Joy Withem, $4,576.

Mary Ann Borch and Robert Kerber, dwelling, 0 Baker Road, to Channing and Michael Olbers, $30,000.

John Baker, dwelling, 10497 Route 550, Athens, to Emily Orr, $94,500.

Ryan, Eric, Anita and John Dora, dwelling, 247 W. Union 203C, Athens, to Richard Noecker Jr., $100,000.

Trent and Patrica Debruin, land, Ames Township, to Linda Dook, $200.

Ernest Baker, manufactured home, 13475 North Peach Ridge, Athens, to David Malloy, $10,000.

Tamara McClain Carsey, dwelling, 6 Roy Ave., The Plains, to the Rinaldi Family Trust, $31,011.

Daniel and Mary Adams, dwelling, 7924 Floyd Drive, The Plains, to Nathan and Lisa Weyand, $183,900.

Lorene Baker and Lillian Lehman, dwelling, 4681 Bethany Ridge Rd., Guysville, to Jammi Gillian, $35,000.

Ryan and Jennifer Spellman, dwelling, 284 W. Washington St., Nelsonville, to Kenneth Carmack, $41,500.

Brian and Kristin Miller, dwelling, 25 Sunnyside Drive, Athens, to Amanda and Adam Remnant, $232,500.

Shelia Mark, Trustee, dwelling, 11085 Northpoint, Athens, to Scott Jenkinson, Trustee, $450,000.

Amanda and Adam Remnant, dwelling, 3 Ring St., Athens, to Kim Kaler, $172,900.

Patrick Mayles, land, 8.18 Acres on Swett Hollow Road, Ames Twp., to David Sturtevant, $28,000.

Margie Wright, dwelling, 179 1/2 St. Charles St., Nelsonville, to Debra and Anthoney Dunfee, $16,000.

Elizabeth Olin, dwelling, 28030 Route 143, Albany, to Emilee and Samuel Hemler, $30,000.

Donald and Patricia Bennett, dwelling, 32.5 acres on Felton Road, Stewart, to Adam Camp, $75,000.

Heartwood Forestland Fund VII LP, land, Brill Road, to Weaver Valley Properties LLC, $220,300.

Diversified Properties of Athens LLC, apartment, 10 Milliron St., Athens, to University Rentals of Athens LLC, $4,850.

G. Travis Shirer, dwelling, 35 N. Plains Road, The Plains, to Phillip, Louise and Marley Bell, $82,000.

Melvin Blackburn and Thomas Schmitz, dwelling, 134 E. Columbus St., Nelsonville, to Chadwick and Melanie Wilt, $368,000.

Michael and Lynn Stepaniak, dwelling, 8047 Lavelle Road, Athens, to Tanner Wood, $320,000.

William and Merilynne Smith, Trustees, dwelling, 16261 S. Canaan Rd., Athens, to Ryan and Jennifer Smith, $130,000.

Rick and Merrilea Riley, dwelling, 35 Barbour St., Glouster, to Vicky Richards, $60,000.

Mark and Carolyn Ervin, land, Williams Road, Athens, to Bradley and Cheryl Brooks, $62,500.

Bobby and Kevin Mills, dwelling, 8219 Hunterdon Rd., Glouster, to Terry Hooper, $3,000.

Bethany Wires, dwelling, 5950 State St., Albany, to Shane Hess, $125,000.

Connie and Frank Stalder, dwelling, 96 Columbia Ave., Athens, to Matthew Weeks and Jessica Babin, $169,500.

Barbara Fouts, land, 22633 Oakdale Rd., Glouster, to Jessica Carson, $8,000.

Bruner Land Company Inc., land, Carthage Twp, to John Gallick, $71,900.

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