Listed prices do not necessarily reflect actual property values.

Kevin and Rhonda Six, mobile home, 16950 Truetown Road, Millfield, to Rural Action, Inc., $200,000.

Emma Sheridan by PSO, dwelling, 7777 Bethany Ridge Road, Guysville, to Joseph and Samantha Hibbard, $40,500.

Mindy Otten-Chen, executor of the estate of Wenjia Chen, dwelling, 6 Sussex Dr., Athens, to Tanner Onesko and Aryn Woodrow, $205,000.

Dow Pinkerton, dwelling, 12 N. Third St., Jacksonville, to Lakeview Loan Servicing, $33,334.

Eye Homes Inc., dwelling, 2 Briarwood Drive, Athens, to Sara Estep and Jonathan Hootman, $1623,000.

Smoki Musaraj and Matthew Rosen, dwelling, 44 Ohio Ave., Athens, to Daniel Mylett and Jatelyn Dougherty, $145,000.

William and Cynthia Winner, dwelling, 15 Arbor Drive, The Plains, to Tara Griffitts, $81,500.

Carolyn Storey, dwelling, 29310 Belpre Pike, Coolville, to Brandon and Stacie Russell, $110,000.

Deborah and John Schmieding, dwelling, 73 N. Shafer St., Athens, to Blake Dennis, $92,000.

Sharon Schoonover by PSO, dwelling, 3 Slater Drive, The Plains, to Pawpaw Holdings Ltd., $73,434.

Athens Real Estate Co., dwellings, 7656 and 7658 Route 56, Athens, to 7656 ST RT 56 LLC, $130,000.

Linda Phillips, dwelling, 30 Fifth St., The Plains, to Bruce Simpkins, $121,500.

Orion Ventures LLC, dwelling, 4799 Sand Ridge Road, Guysville, to David Mansfield, $72,000.

Loren LaPierre, land, 17.18 acres on Sand Ridge Road, Guysville, to David Mansfield, $54,000.

James Brandeau Trustee, dwelling, property off of Graham Chapel Road, Athens, to BSDJ Farms LLC, $409,079.

Donna Sullivan, land, 3770 Woodlane Drive, Nelsonville, to Countrytyme Land Specialists Ltd., $126,000.

Dorothy Lemon, dwelling, 2750 Third Street, Coolville, to Melissa Mosley, $95,000.

Ricky and Merrilea Riley, dwelling, 33 Barbour St., Glouster, to Douglas and Brittany Davis, $89,000.

David Full Jr., dwelling, 1211 Lowery Road, Albany, to James Dailey, $30,000.

Jacquelyn Crow, land, 10 acres on S. Carbondale Road, Waterloo Township, to the Davis Preservation Trust, $15,000.

Roger and Misty Milstead, dwelling, 6 Tulane Road, Athens, to David and Rebecca Drozek, $340,000.

Mallory Radcliff (Mallory Ann Clay), dwelling, 89 Old Coach Road, Athens, to Roger and Misty Milstead, $375,000.

David Hannah, land, Waterworks Hill Road, to Vincent Defelice, $24,000.

Richard and Joyce Douglas, dwelling, 7834 Kochis Road, Glouster, to Kevin and Rhonda Six, $170,000.

Lena Salt, dwelling, 4282 Perry Ridge Road, Nelsonville, to Paul and Mae Bircher as Trustees of the Bircher Family Rev., $149,000.

Howard and Lawson Ltd., dwelling, 83 University Estates, Athens, to Shaun Gentner and Ashley Storts, $435,000.

Louay Hallack, dwelling, 7810 Route 78, Glouster, to Fred Claussen IV, $144,000.

Vinayak Shukla and Parul Jain, dwelling, 6 Patton Street, Athens, to Lori Williams and Dorian Callahan, $267,000.

Barbara Webb, dwelling, 1333 N. Peach Ridge Road, Athens, to David Flis, 4154,000.

Hazel Cunningham, dwelling, 102 Dudley Drive, Athens, to Josh and Heather Hebb, $110,000.

Tri-Shell LLC., dwelling, 635 W. Washington St., Nelsonville, to Sarah Wittberg, $47,000.

Stanley and Sally Zalek, dwelling, 8 Roxbury Drive, Athens, to John and Xizhen Schenk, $295,000.

Pamela Hines, dwellings, 82-84 S. Shafer St., Athens, to Breston LLC., $121,000.

Rodney Smith as Sheriff of Athens County, dwelling, 11 Maple St., Amesville, to Natalie Tevis, $41,000.

Kevin Matthews and Lewis Craig-Hope, dwelling, 19 Arden Place, Athens, $264,000.

John Knouse, dwelling, 29 Atkins Street, Glouster, to Gary Houser, $2,500.

Todd and Minday Colburn, dwelling, 9650 Wood Road, Albany, to Jennifer and Christopher Washko, $275,000.

The Storey Trust, dwelling, 29350 E. Belpre Pike Road, Coolville, to Paul and Cynthia Raver, $124,000.

R. Wolfe Oil and Gas LLC., building, 16520 Route 50, Athens, to Fullview Properties LLC., $187,600.

Angela Woodyard, dwelling, 1116 Setty Road, Albany, to Georgie E. Carey Jr. and Carol Monroe, $68,000.

Rob and Vickie Erdy, land, 3 S. 7th St., Jacksonville, to Wesley and Becky Miller, $6,500.

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