Negotiations are under way to try get the owner of an injection well to pay for damages caused by brine trucks going to the well, according to Athens County Engineer Jeff Maiden.

Maiden said that so far there have been two meetings with representatives of Carper Well Service, which owns an injection well on County Road 76 (Ladd Ridge).

Injection wells are used to dispose of brine and other oil and gas well waste, and the liquid is hauled in tanker trucks.

County Assistant Engineer Donnie Stevens said that cameras used to monitor the road showed that between June 19-23, for example, there were 35 brine trucks that went to the well. Only three other types of trucks used the road during that period, Stevens said.

“We’ve had substantial damage to the road,” Maiden said. “The damage to the road has been caused by trucks going to that (injection well) site.”

Maiden said chip and seal was applied to the road in 2013. Since then, trucks have caused ruts, damaged the base and pushed road material into ditches, he said.

“The road really wasn’t built to support that kind of truck traffic,” Maiden said.

The county engineer’s department has estimated that the cost of repairing the road will be $195,365.

Maiden said Fisher Road also has sustained damage, but he said it has more regular truck traffic than Ladd Ridge. Fisher is the connecting road between Ladd Ridge and Route 50.

The county would like Carper Well Service to sign a road use maintenance agreement.

“We’re not singling out this company,” Maiden said, pointing out that Tennessee Gas Pipeline paid about $43,000 under a road maintenance agreement for damage caused in Ames and Dover Twps.

Maiden said another meeting with Carper Well Service is planned for next week.

A spokesman for the company declined comment Wednesday because talks are still ongoing with the county.

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