Amesville Police Department

Amesville Police Department

AMESVILLE — A few Amesville resident’s Sunday commute nearly took a dangerous turn after furniture parts were found in the middle of Route 550 early that morning.

Ben and Clarissa Mitchell posted to Facebook Sunday around 4:30 a.m. to warn motorists of “what appeared to be a dresser, a piece of maybe a window or something, and several bricks and large rocks” all covered in snow and strewn in what appeared to be a deliberate pattern across the road. The items were also covered in snow, which helped disguise them from motorists.

Officer Scott Miller, the marshal for Amesville and Coolville, said when he had arrived on scene the items had been moved, and he is not sure if it was an intentional act to place the items on the roadway.

“I’m looking into it, and trying to pinpoint it down,” he said. “There were some accusations, but I’ve already debunked some leads.”

He said anyone with information can call the village office at 740-448-2411, or his number at 740-525-7011, to make an anonymous or official statement.

“We’re hoping that our presence and the start of an investigation will hopefully make anyone who did this realize we’re taking it seriously,” he said. “Anything helps — smaller villages have part time officers and departments. We really rely on the people and citizens who keep an eye out for these kinds of things.”

Amesville Mayor Gary Goosman noted in a follow-up Facebook post that since this occurred on Rt. 550, which is a state route, the Athens County Sheriff and the Ohio State Highway Patrol have also been notified.

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