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The Athens County Prosecutor's Office announced Thursday that Steven Moser was arrested in Illinois. He will appear in court there for an extradition hearing.

"Pending the outcome of that hearing he will be transported to Athens County to appear before Judge Lang," a news release states.

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Original story, which appears in the Wednesday, Sept. 4 newspaper on Page A1:

A Chicago man accused of felony theft from a local business did not appear at a pre-trial hearing and a warrant is now out for his arrest.

Steve Moser faces charges of aggravated theft and telecommunications fraud. He is the owner of Cambridge Cleanroom Corp. in Illinois, and earlier this year pleaded innocent to allegations his company failed to provide services paid for by RXQ Compounding of Albany.

A pretrial hearing was held last Wednesday, Aug. 28 in Athens County Commons Pleas Court, and Moser did not show up. His attorney, Joe Nemec, said in court that Moser was unable to attend the hearing because of medical issues involving his wife.

Nemec asked for the hearing to be postponed, and said his client would soon be providing medical excuse documentation.

Athens County Assistant Prosecutor Zach Saunders asked Judge Patrick Lang to issue a warrant for Moser’s arrest.

Lang said at the hearing he would give Moser and Nemec until the following morning to provide the excuse documentation before issuing the warrant.

It apparently was not received, as on Thursday the judge approved the warrant and set bond at $100,000 with no 10 percent allowed.

County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn told The Messenger that as of Tuesday afternoon Moser was still outstanding and that the warrant remained active.

Similar to arraignment

This is actually the second time that Moser’s court attendance has been in question.

Moser and business were indicted in early June on the felony charges. The Messenger previously quoted the county prosecutor as alleging Moser was paid more than $200,000 by RXQ Compounding to install cleanrooms at the new RXQ facility in Albany, and that Moser failed to provide those services.

An arraignment was scheduled for June 19, but Moser did not show up. It was said that Moser did not learn of the indictment in time to attend the Athens hearing. The Messenger reported a court file indicted that someone signed “Moser” to receive a June 10 letter serving the indictment.

The arraignment was postponed to July. Moser appeared in court and pleaded innocent to the charges. Judge Lang had released Moser on his own recognizance and ordered he surrender his passport.

The passport had not been relinquished as of the pre-trial, but court records show Nemec has since turned in the passport to the clerk of courts office.

Also at issue was the status of Moser’s passport, which was to be relinquished. Nemec said at the pre-trial hearing that Moser pledged to send his passport to Nemec to be turned in. Court records show that Nemec submitted the passport last Friday.

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