Ohio University’s medical college and other defendants are denying allegations contained in medical malpractice lawsuits filed by the father of an Athens-area boy.

The Messenger reported previously that Danny Metts II filed lawsuits in the Ohio Court of Claims and Franklin County Common Pleas Court on behalf of his son, Bradley.

Both lawsuits assert there was a failure to timely diagnose and properly treat Bradley’s ear infection and/or failure to properly treat his subsequent mastoiditis, meningitis and cerebral edema. The lawsuits state that Bradley has suffered severe and permanent injuries, and assert that those injuries are the result of negligence.

The lawsuit against the OU Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, a state entity, was filed in the Ohio Court of Claims. The lawsuit filed in Franklin County Common Pleas Court names as defendants Nationwide Children’s Hospital, University Medical Associates, Dr. Ronald Grondin of Children’s Hospital and Dr. Amy Zidron and Certified Nurse Practitioner Staci James, both of University Medical Associates. University Medical Associates is a physicians practice made up of faculty members from the OU medical college.

All of the defendants have filed responses denying the allegations in the lawsuit and asserting multiple legal defenses.

The response of Children’s Hospital and Grondin asserts that care provided to the boy “was in conformity with all applicable standards of care at all times...”

The response filed by University Medical Associates, Zidron and James claims that any injuries the boy suffered “were caused by naturally occurring medical events and/or conditions and not by reason of any negligence committed by these defendants.” Also, it is claimed that Zidron is an employee of OU and entitled to immunity.

Immunity is also among the defenses put forth by the medical college.

Each lawsuit seeks in excess of $25,000 and any other relief the courts deem “just and equitable.”

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